Goalkeeper Van Toan wants his children to always trust and entrust themselves to Christ

(CG)L) After the days of playing the Sea Games, returning to the motel for a day, the goalkeeper of Van Toan wants his son, regardless of the environment, to Believe and trust in God.

On 12/12 goalkeeper Van Toan had a flight with the U22 team back to Vietnam after a resounding victory in the 30th Sea Games in the Philippines.
As soon as the flight to the airport, the national team was welcomed to the Prime Minister’s palace to meet the prime minister and attend the party. After that, Goalkeeper Van Toan returned with his family to his homeland. After the tiring days in the Sea Games arena, although only being at home for a day, goalkeeper Van Toan still spends time with his family and fans.
From that feat, Van Toan received countless wishes and affection from everyone. At home, Toan received much attention from many places. Everyone was excited and celebrated to welcome Toan back.

Van Toan took a photo with the youth and Huu Quan Parish choir on the day off after Sea Games

Talking to Catholic Online, goalkeeper Thanh Toan said: “In front of the popularity of my son, my family is very happy and proud. But even if I am famous, I am a Catholic so I have to think of God, especially when I go into the yard, to ask God to give me health, and to live the good news of the Gospel in my teammates. ”

The popularity of his son and in front of an increasingly secular society, young people are easily tempted, tempted and lost faith, Mother Van Toan also sent a message to her son: “Always take a stand because God is our true refuge ”

It is known that, at the end of a holiday in his home country, goalkeeper Van Toan temporarily parted with his family and fans to leave with his teammate and teacher Park Hang-seo to South Korea for 10-day training, preparing for for the U23 Asian Finals.

Nguyen Thuy


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