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2021: A look back at Vietnamese Catholics’ fight against the Covid-19 pandemic over the past year

January 19, 2022 2:25 pm
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(CGOL) The fight against the Covid-19 pandemic in the past year is probably not too strange for every Vietnamese, the impact it has brought has greatly affected people’s lives. From the beginning of the year to November 18, 2021, the whole country experienced 4 epidemics and claimed the lives of 23,476 people. Ho Chi Minh City alone had 17,305 deaths, accounting for more than 73%. Across the country, 2,532 children were orphaned, of which 81 were orphans of both parents. Many impacts are forecasted to last long and bring many changes in social life even after the epidemic ends. However, with the desire to contribute to the fight against the epidemic, Vietnamese Catholics in the past year have also joined hands with the Government, local leaders at all levels, to support the medical team on the front lines of the epidemic. contribute in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

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* Serve on the front lines of the epidemic
With the spirit of “fighting the epidemic like fighting the enemy” in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, we cannot forget the image of the medical team serving at field hospitals who have overcome difficulties even at high risk of infection, but besides that, not to mention the silent sacrifices of Catholic volunteers day and night accompanying and supporting the medical team in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.
Ms. Nguyen Thi Nga – a volunteer serving at the field hospital shared: As a Catholic, I know that I must be aware of what I am doing, and always try to serve and be able to help those who need help. day and night trying to win life. Through the patients, I see that I have to appreciate this life even more.
Currently, in field hospitals, the number of infections is increasing, making the hospitals crowded, the medical team works non-stop, they are always in a state of “eating and sleeping urgently” to more power to help patients. But also thanks to the help of volunteers, they eased the burden of the work.

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Assessing the commitment of Catholics, specialist doctor II Le Anh Tuan – deputy director of the hospital specialized in Covid-19 treatment said: This is the first time.

Third, the hospital can receive religious volunteers to support the treatment of Covid-19 patients. At the last-line hospital, caring for and treating severe COVID-19 patients, the presence of religious volunteers is a great source of encouragement for the medical staff, affirming that the medical force is not alone. poison in the fight with COVID-19.
In the past time, religious volunteers have raised the spirit of self-sacrifice to do well the work coordinated by the hospital, helping doctors and nurses have more conditions to do well in the care and treatment of diseases. core.
In addition to professional support and help, religious volunteers also provide medical staff and patients with spiritual support, optimism, and more life energy, thereby contributing to positive part in the treatment of COVID-19 patients.
Ms. Phan Kieu Thanh Huong – Vice Chairman of the Ho Chi Minh City Fatherland Front Committee – expressed her respect and thanks to the dignitaries, officials, religious compatriots for upholding the spirit of volunteerism, devoted themselves to supporting medical care. doctors, the frontline force against the epidemic, demonstrating the tradition of “good life and good religion” of the Vietnamese religion that always accompanies the nation.
According to Ms. Thanh Huong, the active participation, regardless of hardships and dangers of religious volunteers at COVID-19 treatment hospitals, has contributed to reducing work pressure on the medical force in the coming time. treatment of patients, contributing to the strength to help the city soon repel and defeat COVID-19.

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“We go to work for you. Please stay home for us!” – that’s the message from the medical team, doctors, medical staff at hospitals and healthcare facilities across the country. Although there have been infected people, but more than ever, medics, doctors and medical staff are still working day and night on the front lines against the Covid-19 epidemic. The silent dedication of the medical team and the sharing of Catholic volunteers have contributed to the frontline forces in the treatment of the epidemic to help protect the health of the patients, the shock and the peace. patient is being treated.
* Spread charity and love
Ho Chi Minh City was once known as the “Pearl of the Far East”, the “economic locomotive” in danger, lack of personnel, lack of rice, lack of vegetables, lack of money.

lack of medicine and lack of future… Tens of thousands of old people and children selling lottery tickets, iced tea, street vendors, taxis, motorbike taxis, what will they eat if they can’t go out in the coming days? Where will factory workers dig up money if one day the factory reduces payroll or closes? A bustling city, the busiest in the country, was suddenly isolated by a super small virus, causing all socioeconomic activities to religious ceremonies to freeze.
Since the Prime Minister issued Directive 16, put Ho Chi Minh City in a state of social distancing within 15 days from 0:00 on July 9, 2021. Ho Chi Minh City has become the country’s largest outbreak with thousands of infections every day. Faced with that situation, in order to help people in difficult circumstances, students, workers, etc., who are stuck because of the influence of the Covid-19 pandemic, many organizations and individuals in dioceses and parishes are heading to Saigon to spread love and charity by doing practical things such as: love buses, mini supermarkets, 0 dynamic markets, rice ATMs, giving ventilators to hospitals undergoing treatment. Covid-19 patients, etc.. have contributed to strengthening the solidarity of good life and good faith right in the midst of the pandemic.

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Before that fact, on July 9, 2021, the President of the Vietnam Bishops’ Conference – Bishop Joseph Nguyen Chi Linh sent a letter calling on Vietnamese Catholics to go to Saigon – “I feel sorry for Saigon.” . The appeal of Archbishop Joseph was immediately followed by all members of the People of God, dioceses, religious orders, parishes, charity organizations, Charity – Caritas, unions, gender branches, friendship groups, … actively participate in the response and they see this as an opportunity to practice the Word of God.
Mr. Nguyen Van Vui (from Thanh Hoa) – a freelance worker stuck in Saigon due to the influence of the epidemic shared: After 5 years of working away from home, I also plan to return home to celebrate Tet at the end of this year, but the epidemic continues. The outbreak made my job no longer available, the money accumulated after going to work to buy some gifts to bring back home is not available. Fortunately, there is a Catholic volunteer group every week to give me boxes of noodles, bundles of raisins, and some rice, so I am less worried. I am very grateful to the volunteer groups for these meaningful activities.

With practical works, not only volunteer groups but also many Catholic organizations and individuals are still silently serving and supporting the most vulnerable situations.

difficulties in the past. These meaningful deeds show more love for one another, knowing how to share the difficult people in life, all guiding each other in difficult times. Through movements and campaigns of organizations and individuals, the spirit of solidarity, mutual love, and helping each other in times of difficulty and distress is widely spread in the community.
The recent anti-epidemic journey shows that the more difficult it is, the more the spirit of mutual affection and love is aroused. The epidemic will pass, but the kindness and love that are connected and spread from the hearts of gold will remain forever, the giver and the receiver both smile happily and are determined to fight the epidemic. disease Covid-19.
* Let’s win the pandemic together

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The COVID-19 pandemic like a ghost has spread and covered all activities of the country in the past time, we have also witnessed the teams of doctors, nurses, and volunteers where the front lines of the pandemic work. working tirelessly day and night in epidemic prevention and control. Along with that, with the spirit of “give up food and share clothes”, many activities to support and support from material to spiritual from organizations and individuals are opened or even more warm are good models and actions. The beautiful movement is spreading in the community and more and more kind stories are written as a word of encouragement for everyone to have contributed to the people’s difficulties and firmly win the pandemic.
Vehicles with lots of necessities were brought to them in time by volunteers, they accept difficulties and dangers, but they want to help people ease their difficulties and strengthen their faith and confidence in the war. fight against COVID-19.
To be able to successfully prevent and control the epidemic, and soon bring all activities back to a new normal, every citizen needs to be aware, responsible and determined to strictly comply with the regulations on social distancing, especially Especially in isolation and blockade areas, each citizen needs to raise their own awareness of protecting themselves, their families, and the community so that each other can overcome this difficult period.

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It can be said that the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic is the responsibility and common sense of the entire people. The image of Vietnamese Catholics in the past year joining hands with the whole country to fight the epidemic has shown a great effort in small but meaningful actions. They always hope that on the way to fight the epidemic, each of us is not alone, regardless of religion, class or status. But for all, if anyone has faith, determination, together to overcome the pandemic and surely the epidemic will end soon and life will soon return to bustle.

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